How to – Solve Pending App Issue In Windows Phone

From some days some of the Windows phone users facing problems of pending app issue.
Here is the way by which you can solve your problem.
1. Restart the phone. (or soft reset by clicking power key and volume down key simultaneously and screen get blanked and the phone will restart automatically.)
2. Sync your Microsoft account. Let it sync fully.
3. After that check, the time and date of your mobile are that correct?
4… Then check the region and regional format also.
5… Then go to app downloads and then the app( which are pending) they will show the message“attention required”.
6… Tap on that and tap on try again.
And in some seconds the app will start to download.


22 thoughts on “How to – Solve Pending App Issue In Windows Phone

    I really didn’t want to reset the phone because I JUST BOUGHT IT.
    It was the region setting actually, the phone is not set to the language spoken in my country and the region format sets itself to “Same as phone language”.


    1. Thanks for visiting my website. Glad to know that your problem is solved. If you face any other problem with your Windows device, then don’t forget to contact at Microsoft community. Or tell me at twitter @MCCshreyas. Will happy to help you. See you soon.


  2. Whooho! Thank you. I have a Lumia 635 and it would not install the app. I changed the region setting to the UK one (I am in the UK) instead of the “Same as phone language” then another restart and it finally installed. Very grateful – but I just lost a couple of hours doing it.


  3. Hi there. I’ve got exactly the same problem as described above with my mum’s Lumia 550, which I’ve been trying to fix. I ran through all the steps you set out and even changed the regional setting to UK – but it still doesn’t process any downloads. “Whatsapp” is stuck on “starting download”. I can’t even get rid of it by long pressing it. Any ideas?


      1. thanks a lot. In the end I backed it up, did a factory reset and restored it. It seems to work now. But thanks for your advice.


  4. Hi. I have had my Lumia 550 since November 2015 and have been using LINE. However when I woke up this morning, the app has been in pending mode and as such, cannot be selected by tapping on it. I have been to the store where I bought it from and he didnt really know how to fix the issue but did say I might need to “create some space on the phone? I dont download music or videos or anything like that, but I do take photos and videos that I would like to keep. Some I am not too bothered about I delete them and have done so today with a few videos and several photos. It has freed up enough space but the app is still in pending mode.

    I have followed your 1st instruction which was to press and hold the volume down button along with the power button, these are very close together down the right hand side of the phone, but when I have tried your instructions, it does not start to reboot, but only takes me to a place for giving feedback.

    FYI – I have tried this with my wifi on (then I read you have to turn your wifi off, which I did, but it just took me back to the same feedback screen.

    Any help would be great, otherwise I will need to go into town and get someone to have a look at it and I would prefer to solve the problem myself (with your help of course)


  5. i open the stor try downloading and it shoot up problem with ur microsoft account. try again later tried everything and still not working


  6. Please what can I do, all my downloaded apps stopped working yesterday on my Lumia 535, my Whatsapp, facebook, adobe reader etc. What caused it and how can I resolve it please?


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