Lumia Camera crashing/wont open- How to fix

Microsoft announces Lumia Camera with windows phone 8 Black update. This camera is specially for Lumia Windows Phones.
But I have seen that some of the users are frustrated due to continuous crashing of Lumia camera.
When is investigate this problem I found some interesting.
The Lumia camera won’t open why-
1. App is not updated to latest version.
2. Damage to main camera( hardware)
3. Firmware is not updated.
I know this is not interesting.
The main thing is that due to Lumia camera is crashing is due to incorrect regional format.
You Baffled right.
But this is true.
If your regional format is incorrect then
the camera won’t open.
How to fix this
1. Go to settings
2. Open region settings.
Don’t set regional format according to region. Because some of the uses they change their region to US due to Cortana Beta and also they change the regional format and they loss their Lumia camera.
3. And set the regional format to where…where you actually live.
4.Restart the phone.
5. And done.
Open the Lumia camera and take beautiful photos of world.


13 thoughts on “Lumia Camera crashing/wont open- How to fix

  1. I am in Nairobi Kenya,set the country as Kenya and regional format as Kiswahili(Kenya) and its not working.previously i had country Kenya and regional format English (UK),this is when it crashed at first before I changed to Kiswahilo and still no success.


  2. My Lumia Camera crashed! After three days of not working, I turned my phone off, then on and the camera is absolutely fine, working as normal!!


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