How to use Xender on Windows phone to transfer files.

Recently Xender team released their app for Windows phone platforms.
Xender team has confirmed that they are creating xender app for Windows devices some weeks ago on twitter.
But no confirmed dates were there.
Xender app is still in beta version and don’t have much feature like android.
So in this article I will tell you how to send files between Windows phone and android.
So just follow the steps.
1. Open xender app on both phone.
(Make sure that the app I updated on both phones)
2. It is highly recommended that you must create group on android phone by pressing + sign at lower right corner.
4. Xender will turn on wifi hotspot on android phone to create group.
5. Then on Window phone. Tap on connect friends.
6. You will get promoted to Wifi settings. Go there and connect your Wifi to Wifi hotspot which is created by Android phone.
7. After successfully connected go back to Xender app.
8. Tap on connect friends and automatically you will get connected to other phone. You will see there that your phone get connected.
9. And now on you can send files between phones.
10. Good to go.
11. You can see progress of sharing to progress bar.
As its a very first released I will suggest you to don’t send too many big files through app, it crashes a lot..
Zapya also works great on Windows phone. I personally recommended to use Zapya to share files. Because xender don’t work good on Windows phone at this moment. Click here to see “How to use Zapya app on Windows Phone“.
Any problem then comment below…


15 thoughts on “How to use Xender on Windows phone to transfer files.

  1. Hy. I hav a lumia535 I am using xender and it is connected, sharing with android devices successfully. But I can’t connect with another windows phones. How can i connect with windows phone ? Pls help me


    1. Hi there Arjun.
      If you want to share content between Windows Phones, then both phone must be connected to same Wifi/Lan network. That’s set. As Xender app is still in beta version and crashes a lot. I will suggest you to use “Zapya” app on Windows phone to share things. Zapya works great on Windows Phone rather than Xender.
      If you need further assistent, then I am ready to help you.
      Have a nice day!!!
      Thanks for visisting my website…


  2. When i use xender in my Lumia 535 and join in another android phone i see an error in wifi i saw no network access and i can’t connect to another device. What can i do???


    1. That error is ok. Android phone can turn on Hotspot without turning on data connection. And while xender is running, the data connection of AP is off, that’s why you get error ‘no internet access’ in Wi-Fi. Not a problem at all. But moreover i will suggest you to use Zapya app to share content between phones. At the bottom of this post, I have provided the link of ‘How to use Zapya on Windows Phone’ post. Check that, try that.


    1. You can’t share apps and games with other phones on Windows phone. Only pics, videos, music can be share. And also WP don’t uses .exe files, the WP apps have .appx or .xap extension.


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