How To Reset Windows Firewall To Defaults Settings In Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Windows firewall is one the great utility in Windows operating system. Introduced in Windows XP, since then Microsoft has improved the security and features of Windows firewall a lot more, giving users more protection for their networks and from small online threats.
But in case if you misconfigured that and gets locked in bad connection or no connection issue and wants to reset it to default, then my today’s post is for you. Following steps will help you reset the Windows firewall to the default settings. There are many ways actually to do this but I am gonna tell you the simplest way. Follow the following steps.
1. Press Windows logo key + X simultaneously.
2. From the menu select ‘Command Prompt (Admin)’ and open it.
3. Then type or copy/paste the following command carefully.

netsh advfirewall reset

4. And hit enter. This will reset all the custom rules of Windows firewall and will bring it to defaults. You will receive the message like ‘Ok’.

So this is the simplest way to reset the Windows firewall. These steps are applicable to Windows 7/8/8.1/10.


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