About Me

The Author and owner of the site is Shreyas Jejurkar.
He is passionate about Microsoft, Microsoft Windows, and Microsoft technologies. Right now he is a Computer Science student.

He mostly active on Twitter and at Microsoft Community dealing with users problems. He is one of the Microsoft MCC at Microsoft Community for his active valuable contributions towards forum.

At this site, he has written some useful tricks and troubleshooting steps on Windows system based on his experience, in a very friendly language. He is one of the authors at Nokiapoweruser. In past, he was working for Windows Hive.
He is a Win32 app developer. He has a very good skill over the C#/.NET framework.


For the latest news about Nokia and its upcoming phones visit at Nokiapoweruser.
For Microsoft news coverage visit at TheWinCentral


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Shreyas,
    I need some help with Windows phone. I bought Lumia 540 and returned it back only for its contact list incapability to assign types and its appearance.
    I liked the phone otherwise, but did not find it to my taste in the contacts presentation.
    I would want to buy the phone again for its other features, but want to know if the Windows10 update will solve my issue.
    If I add my google account, where I have assigned my contacts their types, will the phone allow me to see my contacts the way I want to see them?
    Looking for your valuable comment and help.


      1. Hi,
        I am referring to the way contacts are presented. The Microsoft Lumia device does not allow custom labels to my contacts. I want to know if that is possible in the windows 10 upgrade. What I m expecting is like this: I have upto 7 numbers for my friend. One is his mobile in kuwait, second is his second mobile in kuwait, third is his land line, fourth is his mobile in India, fifth is his 1st daughter’s number, sixth is his 2nd daughter’s number, seventh is his private number.
        I want to store these numbers under his name in the way I have labelled them. But the Lumia phone only gives me a choice as mobile, mobile1, mobile2, etc.
        This is the difficulty in the phone.
        While I am still not very happy about the way the contacts can be viewed, I bought a Lumia 640XL phone hoping that the windows 10 upgrade will resolve this. You have this facility of custom labeling the contacts in Android and iPhone.
        Hope I have conveyed you. Looking for your ideas to surmount this issue.



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